1. I can’t give up when i’m so close

  2. Just NEVER lose your sense of Humor.

  3. Naason, Me & Jezabelly earlier today ! #BikeRiding #RiteAid #Sonic #Mcdonalds #Family #Nephew #Niece rippin that EA$T $IDE doe

  4. Mah niggas I stay smiling thru all the bullshit & them hard times , gotta stay THUGGIN ! haha

  5. I’m so tired, the sleeping tired doe. I hate hospitals, haven’t slept in a hospital since about 8 years ago. 8 YEARS ago felt like it was just yesterday when we found out my sister was never going to come home with us again. The pain is still there like a fresh cut, & it hurts a little more everytime… Nobody knows what you are going through, but I know this much is true I need you in my life I need you by my side I want to see your face I NEED to hear your voice but I don’t wanna let you go, cause I know deep down in my heart, I feel it in my soul, is gonna be hard god take my heart Cause I don’t want it anyways, I wish that I could turn back the hands of time I wish I could take this pain away, this pain & suffering out of your life I can’t hold this tears falling from my eyes I can’t hold this pain…. I’m feeling this hurt, i’m feeling the worse…. I love you Taba, I miss you so much sister it wasn’t suppose to be this way you where suppose to see me graduate, you were suppose to see me get marry & see my kids… You were suppose to watch me grow sister

  6. My little sister would always tell me ” If you were born WITHOUT them, YOU can LIVE without them.” I think that was one of the most wisest things my sister has ever said to me…

  7. Goodbye, I don’t wanna feel the need to hear your voice! Goodbye, I don’t wanna feel the need to see your face!

  8. Born & raised from the EA$T $IDE

  9. #Tbt Me, Sharon & dad at the most funnest place in the world #Disneyland one of the most memorable remarkable #family #roadtrip this year! Daddy I needs you to be strong okay, you still have 2 kids left to raise dad. Please Sharon & I need you. I LOVE YOU DAD, & i’ m sorry for everything! Im gonna graduate highschool soon, YOU NEED TO WATCH ME GRADUATE, you promised you’d be there papi! I LOVE YOU DAD, you need to fight back okay. You can do it, I need you dad…